Split test increases leads by 109.69% for a luxury boat manufacturer, 2014

I wrote this case study about a project I did for this previous client. From 2011 to 2014, I worked with the world’s leading jet tender specialist Williams Performance Tenders. They build small luxury boats which launch from super yachts. In 2014 I completed a full redesign of their Build My Tender, boat configurator, which is a customer journey where visitors can customise a boat to their exact requirements. I used feedback from Crazy Egg and Qualaroo to optimise the customer journey from the previous iteration. After completing this project, I felt the last step was not as optimised as it could be, despite how happy the client was. The challenge was to increase the number of prospects completing the lead generation form.


Digital Wisdom : Williams BMT CRO


Working closely with the company director, I proposed that by split testing the form at the end of the customer journey, we could directly increase the number of leads that the boat configurator was generating for the business. He agreed, therefore I designed an alternative to the original to test it against. I added additional copy explaining the process and benefits of submitting an enquiry. Furthermore, I added trust builders such as, an engaging customer testimonial pull quote and logos of additional brands which actively partner with the business. An animated highlight effect over the ‘Send Your Configuration’ button, also drew the visitors eye invitingly. I calculated these changes would encourage more visitors to become prospects and was thrilled with the split test result.


Digital Wisdom : Williams BMT CRO


Using Visual Website Optimiser (VWO), to conduct the split test,

VWO declared the alternative design to be the winner with a 94% chance of beating the original. The conversion rate of the challenger was 17.19%, a fantastic result.

Conversion rate optimisation is a very satisfying process and this ‘win’ delivered a measurable increase in lead volume for Williams, helping grow their business online.

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