Lead Volume Increased By Over 900% for Peugeot

I’ve written this case study about a previous client project I worked on. In late 2008 Peugeot Motor Company needed to replace a manual system of emailing a dealer to book a service for a vehicle. Peugeot requested an Online Service Booking system, which strictly adhered to brand guidelines and delivered a user friendly customer journey. Over the years, the project was incremented to stay current with Peugeot brand guidelines and I researched the latest conversion rate techniques to optimise the customer journey. This case study focuses on the first iteration of the project. 

During this project, I was responsible for, idea generation, user interface design and user experience. I presented work and communicated functionality to the client, ensuring consistently high standards were achieved in all artwork. A user friendly customer journey was designed to collect the relevant data, supply pricing information and then collect booking information via a lead generation form. The client was unconvinced of the effectiveness of the original manual system, particularly as it was difficult to trace bookings. At the launch of the new system, bookings averaged 5-10 per week.

Digital Wisdom : Peugeot OSB Design

This new system was an inexpensive way to acquire new customers which led to increased bookings overall and greater insight into the service options being selected. Over the following seventeen months,

Digital Wisdom : Peugeot OSB Design

At the time of writing this article, Peugeot are now using the 3rd iteration of their Online Service Booking system, which focused more on usability, conversion and updated branding, in order to optimise the sales funnel.

Digital Wisdom : Peugeot OSB DesignDigital Wisdom : Peugeot OSB Design


Overall I was pleased with 900% increase in bookings for Peugeot. Conversion rate optimisation and working on enterprise level websites is something I’m passionate about and this was a great project to see a client get a great ‘win’!

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