How We Achieved A 40% Increased In Lead Volume For A Client

Choice Overseas Homes is a UK based holiday rental and management company for Brits that want to buy property abroad. The owner recently asked Digital Wisdom to complete a Landing Page Optimisation project on one of their lead generation landing pages.

The Problem

The Original (‘Control’) Choice Overseas Homes landing page, suffered from poor message match with its PPC Ads, included to many interaction points, lacked simplicity, focus and a compelling, visable call to action. Ultimately leading to a high bounce rate and wasted PPC Ad spend.

The Solution

We worked with Choice Overseas Home to deliver a new landing page, in a measured and methodical way. When testing the two pages, we saw an average increase of 40%+. Here’s how we did it.

With each Conversion Rate Optimisation project, Digital Wisdom take time to understand how visitors respond to pages they view. This involves qualitative and quantitative research.  In order to design and build the challenger landing page, Digital Wisdom had to discover, what was causing visitors to walk away. This was achieved by using Hotjar, to quiz visitors to the landing page. During this process, we surveyed visitors that did and did not sign up on the landing page. This helped quickly build an image of why some visitors converted and why some didn’t.

The feedback followed a number of themes, here are the two main points.

  • Some people wondered why pricing of property was missing.
  • Others were worried about the business being a scam.

Armed with this information and more discoveries from our quantitative and qualitative research, Digital Wisdom was able to design and build a ‘Challenger’ landing page, to split test against the ‘Control’. Using the platform Optimizely, we pitted the two landing pages against each other and waited as the results came through.

Landing Page Optimisation


At this stage, I should mention that the ‘Challenger’ landing page was built using Unbounce. This allowed us to rapidly build a landing page that could have taken a developer much longer to code. We also were able to use an ‘Exit Intent Overlay’, which is a Java Script, that detects when a visitor is about to leave the page. When it does, it triggers an image to be displayed, that includes an offer for the visitor. As shown below, here’s the offer the page used to nurture the leads.

Landing Page Optimisation

Including this ‘Exit Intent Overlays’ causes a visitor to make a clear decision if they missed the message on the landing page itself.

The Results

The ‘Challenger’ landing page beat the ‘Control’ landing page because it clearly addressed objections that were revealed during the quantitative and qualitative research phase. By increasing the amount of content that focused on trust, improving the overal design and style to present a credible image and address, how pricing information could be access, it resulted in a 40%+ increase in conversion.